Sunday, September 23, 2007

survivor: china

i have not watched survivor since the first season. really, the only reality show i ever watch is american idol.

this will have to change this season. for one reason. leslie neese.

she is a radio host here in town over at the christian station. i listen to this station for many reasons.

1. i like it

2. i have 2 little children and instead of listening to disney cd's day in the car, i opt for the "clean station". the "family friendly" station.

3. sometimes i need a little Jesus.


if you watched it this past week, she was the one who could not participate in the welcoming ceremony. yes, the one that they wanted them to "bow" in the temple.. filled with smoke, insense, idols, and monks. yes, the worship ceremony... i mean welcoming ceremony. she has a target on her back and a stamp on her forehead that reads "christian". it will be interesting to see how they slice and dice in the editing room to make her look.

from a possible inside track: ie: listener of hers.. she is the kindest, most humble, honest, and loving lady.. and i only listen to her over the air... i don't even "know" her. she is a recovering alcoholic with a back story full of grace. she is you and she is me. she happens to be a christian. her faith defines her. but that doesn't make her an idiot.. or rude. goodness gracious.. in today's world, if you actually live your convictions you are weird. unless your convictions are hip and happening, involve saving a tree or ... wearing a red yarn wristband...oh then you're cool. real cool.

i imagine she knows the drill. she knows she will be asked to do things that she will have a moral obligation not to. she knows there is an editing room... she knows.

ps... what do i know.. "chicken" made sense to me at the tribal ceremony. :-), and i thought the scary wrestler chick should have been kicked to the curb.


hot potato said...

i will be watching for her. i am proabably a rare breed but i have never watched an entire season of survivor. ever. but i like the story on leslie, so i will tivo it.

Southern Sugar said...

I've never watched Survivor. But I'll definately check this one out. Thanks for the heads up. I hope she wins. It will be interesting to see someone with her values up against those without them.

The 5 Bickies said...

I didn't have an issue with Leslie leaving the ceremony because it sure seemed more than a "welcome" to me. I was surprised when she downplayed her faith by saying she "wasn't religious" when leaving the ceremony. Any insider on that?

Lorilu said...

Strangely enough...I had a Garage Sale to sell some of my furniture that I redo...and one of my customers was telling me that she just moved here about a year ago from NC and we began to talk-not sure how we got to Survivor-but we did. She told me that one of her best friends made it onto Survivor! Guess what her name is?:) LESLIE! We had it on Tivo-but hadn’t watched it yet. I have say we were very impressed with her convictions at the budda temple when they were asked to bow. Looking forward to watching even more now!

jennifer m. said...

the 5 bickies, my insider on that would only be what i believe in my own heart.. and that is.. my faith.. i do not consider it a religion.. a set of rules.. a list of thou nots.. i view it as a personal relationship with Christ. some may be confused with that.. but for me, and i would imagine Leslie.. although i can not speak for her.. i did not even think twice when she said this .. and that may be becuase i think the same thing.

Nicoly said...

I think what most Christians are implying when they say they are not religious is that they are not hung up on a denomination with it's rules and boundaries but bound only by their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are choosing to focus on that relationship rather than tradition. I have watched Survivor faithfully from the start and I do think Leslie is going to be poked fun about her faith in the editing room which is shameful, however, note that they don't edit anyone that stands out in a positive way in most cases. If she stays true to herself and God, she will come out a winner any way it goes because she will demonstrate true Christianity in action. I personally, am rooting for her!

Midwest Nest said...

I was sad to learn that Leslie was voted out after I got back from vacation. I was hoping she would get further in the game. Now who do I cheer for?