Sunday, September 23, 2007


yes... i am thinking about this already. i need some creative (read: cheap) ideas. i always go for simple. always. and i am leaning in that direction again this year.

top on the list:


they are always the same thing.. and as long as i can get away with it.. i will have them be the same thing again this year. i like the idea of ipods. they will be in solid top and bottoms.. madison may be turquoise and lilly may be pink. i will cut out the circle front and screen.. and then make large wired ear phones that will hang down on their back/side. they will wear matching crocs on their feet.

top to bottom black pants and top. stuffed black socks safety pinned to their shirt. white net pinned on each arm to side of shirt. black shoes.

this is the one that the "hat" has to be the most detailed. solid bottom and top. felt bees pinned randomly on their top. shoes: not sure.

anyone else have an easy idea? in years past they have been:

black cats
pink bunnys

we are not into:

rocker chicks


Elizabeth H. said...

You have great ideas!

Lisa said...

I have saw a darling flower costume where the girls wore a tutu around their face then just a green leotard and was darling! I love the ipod idea...can I borrow that one?

EthidiumBromide said...

My favorite costume from childhood was a gumball machine. I wore sold, matching sweatpants/sweatshirt in red (it is cold up north for trick-or-treating!) and then had one of the giant dry cleaning bags (any large, clear plastic bag would work) tied around my body with a hole cut out for my head and arms, and tied shut between my legs... and then filled the bag with little balloons of all different colors. Easy, cheap, and very unique/creative. I think I even won the costume competition in my school that year.

J said...

I love the idea of ipods. So creative!

Another idea is cowgirls because it's so easy. They just need jeans or jean skirts depending on the weather, plaid shirts, and cowgirl hats. And cowboy boots if you have them or can get them.

hqm said...

So lucky...I have totally lost control of Halloween with my girls! Of coarse, I reserve the right to veto! My middle was a spider on year...super cute! My favorite Angel and a devil(before #3 was with us)...Strawbery Shortcake(2) and a strawberry...Dorothy, Glinda, and Toto!
Whatever they are I am sure it will be darling!

Tickled Pink Designs said...

my boys think the ipod idea is fabulous! i so didn't want them to be star wars characters, so I have to say thank you! So far they have gone together (firefighter/dalmation, king arthur/merlin)

SPARKY said...

how bout rupunzel?
my mom made my costume. well. actually i had many gunny sack dresses, so i wore one of those. then she made the hat. she pasted together a large piece of construction like paper to make a cone. then covered it in tin foil. i'm sure she embelished around the edge (where it sits on the head). i think she attached two ribbons to tie under my chin. then she braided yarn to look like a long pony tail and fed it through the top. hot glued it inside and put a bow at the end. cute idea. not too hard.