Monday, October 01, 2007


i spent one night at a resort this weekend with two very fun girlfriends. it is monday morning at 6:39, and typically i am in the car already on the way to work. the girls and i are going to take 10 extra minutes at home this morning. they are troopers these days.. waking up and getting ready for school super early.

they went on a trip with my husband on saturday to the mountains. i am sure this sounds silly, but being away from them... even for one night... i just really miss them. :-)

lilly got car sick on the trip home and "left her lunch" if you know what i mean.. in the back seat. my husband had to clean it all up by himself... poor guy... but if i had a dollar for every time the story was reverse...

off to florence sc this weekend for the junior league show. hope to see some of you there. lots of fun and lots of deals on new items.

have a good one..

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hot potato said...

welcome back. i would have loved to be with you all for the night at the spa. sounds like you had fun. have a great week. i'll be talking to you soon i am sure.