Friday, January 26, 2007

Oprah. Monday.

I do not know if you watch this show. But from what I hear.. the families who have adopted the Liberian Boys (who some of them I have taught) will be on the show in some capacity on Monday. SOO.. if you watch.. or can watch.. I think it would be worth your time. I think you will be blessed to hear about these amazing families and how they have "changed the world" one child at a time.


materialgirl said...

I saw the show and cried. I knew it was going to be on because I found out after church on Sunday from someone else that knows Gena Rogers. I called my friend who also met her and we were so excited that this story was going to be on Oprah. They are an amazing family that has had lots of trials (Gena's health) but are truly people of faith. This is a great story to remind us to listen when God speaks to your heart. When we do amazing things happen.
Stacey w. Charlotte, NC

Alyson said...

Hi...Just wanted to say that I saw the show and it is wonderful what those families have done for those children! Very heart touching stories!!!