Wednesday, January 24, 2007

6 weird things about me tag.

Here goes:

1. I am a germ-a-phob. I despise taking my children into public bathrooms. It has gotten so bad that my oldest .. if she has to use one.. says to me.."Are you mad at me, mommy?" How bad is that? She is taking this phobia to heart. When I taught 6th grade years ago.. I had this book on my desk all about germs.. funny facts.. and to kill time at the end of the day I would read it to them.. It had all these gross things in it.. like how cockroaches "have gas".. like every 15 seconds.. silly stuff like that.. my students loved it.. we would laugh.. I turned many a 12 year old into germ freaks like me. I also have this "thing" about clean fingers and clean ears on all God's children. It is utmost of importance in this house..

2. I hate baked beans. Hate what they look like. Can not even smell them. When I was pregnant I could also not be around raw potatoes.. to this day I hate what they smell like.. and what they look like. Sort of funny my company's name has "potato" in it.

3. I cut my own hair sometimes.

4. I need 3 pillows to sleep "well". I also am very light sensitive at night. Can not even have a clock light near my face.. b/c even with my eyes closed.. I can still "see" it. I also see "dead people".. ok made that one up.

5. My closets and drawers are very messy.

6. I forget my age. When I was 29 the whole year I told people I was 30... then my family got together and I mentioned my age to someone ( a family friend ) and my twin sister was like... um.. Jen, we are 29.. not 30. No lie. I also have to check the engraving on my wedding ring to see how long I have been married. If you are curious.. it will be 9 years on June 27th.

Bonus Round:

7. Both my pregancies were surprises. I was on the pill when I got pregnant with my oldest. I found out I was pregnant with my youngest 9 mos. after my oldest was born. It was on a Wednesday.. and that Friday I had an appointment to "get back on the pill".. I had to call my OB and tell her we needed to change the "nature of the appointment". I am really happy with having two children.

8. I am double jointed in my knees.

9. I have bad circulation in my fingers and toes. When I get real cold.. sometimes my blood stops flowing to my finger tips.. and it hurts.

10. I tell people my favorite place in the whole world is the South of France. I've never been there.


Lisagh said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning, Jen. "you see dead people" FUNNY!

SLC said...

Like your #2, I cannot stand the smell of cooked green peppers and I certainly don't like to eat them, but I love them raw.

Similar to #4, I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees or I don't sleep well at all.

And like #6, I always forget my age. When I'm asked I really have to think about it and do some sort of calculation.
(I had a hard time coming up with my weird things. I think I'll have to update my post.)

Kimberly said...

For the last few months when i'm at the gym i put it 25 for my age on when asked, the other day i sat and thought oh man i'm still 24...that will on change in March!

Anne said...

So nice to know that I am not the only one who forgets their age. :-)

Dionna Sanchez said...

I enjoyed reading about you.I found your blog through your sister - Beth's. :) And I can't stand being cold either - and unfortunately, I get cold far too easily! The tip of my nose gets so cold I have to cover it. :)


misspriss said...

#10 is a hoot!

Caroline said...

You are such a hoot and I laughed out loud too!
Jen...I read the blog often but have never commented so hope that I am doing this right! I am certain my kids think I am obsessed with washing their hands and mine, but ultimately believe it has kept us all healthier this year! Have a great day! C

jennifer m. said...

love you miss caroline. you did it right.. comment came through.. :-)

Elizabeth H. said...

Thank you for keeping your girls' nails clean. I support mos of your phobias.