Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Designer's Challenge.

I have ben presented an opportunity (came down the pipeline about 1.5 weeks ago)... it is to design my own buckles for my belts. The three "mediums" I can work with is: metal, acylic, and rhinestones.

Of coarse.. you know which one I do not like right.. yes the sparkly ones.. the one that is the most flexible is the metal.. because there are no minimums on 1. the designs I create. 2. the number I need to cough up.


Here is what I was told to do. Sketch out my design. GIve dimensions. Also sketch out the back with explaination on how it fastens.

I can not pay.. but I can give credit on my website (not that that is anything).. but if you are an aspiring designer.. and want to join in the "challenge". Contact me off of my contact page on my website... and I will forward to you a FAX number to send scketches at.

Designs due in one week.

Have a great one.. oh and someone tells me I have been tagged.. will answer the call in the afternoon when I have a minute.

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Kimberly said...

Oh oh, i tagged you too :)

I look forward to what comes to your during your challenge!