Monday, January 29, 2007

My Students. They Amaze Me.

I gave this assignment approx. 3.5 weeks ago. It was called the "Product Catalog". They were to take photos of products, photoshop the image if needed, and then go in and lay text onto the image. They brought their cameras into class for 2 weeks or so.. someone had an tripod.. I brought in a light box and lights.. and a dress form.. some props.. and attempted to teach them what I knew about taking a photo of a product.. (ps.. I do all my photography for my website.. I photoshop them all.. and upload them to my site.).. soooo I know a little bit about focus, angles, filling the shot, staging.. etc. They need 10 pages for their "catalog".

My goal is to just "show" them a little bit about so many topics in this field.. Here is one girl's products:


Susan said...

The first photo with the necklace is quite nice, by far the best of the three. However this coming from someone who has zero photo experience !

Mrs. P said...


I have had to teach myself everything I have learned in photoshop, can I join your class? I am sure the students won't notice a 30 year old in the class. ;)