Monday, January 29, 2007

Cross them Fingers.

I know I occasionally post about what magazine requested what from my line. I like to be featured. I have to admit one of my favorites is In Style.

Soo I hear they are doing a monogram spread in May. Well.. four of my monogram leather belts went up. I have not heard anything.. but goodness gracious I hope we land it.

Here is one of them:
(cameron buckle with brown monogram)

The others:

Kelly buckle with bright pink monogram
Joy buckle with bright pink monogram
Kent buckle with brown monogram

I am so partial.. I know. But I remember last spring when I was thinking about adding leather to my line.. and litterally turned my kitchen into a chemistry lab to figure this process out (by the way we OWN it).. :-) but I really like these. I wanted to keep the fabrics that I had been using and wanted to combine the two "schools" and bam.. I had the thought. So I hope In Style does too. and then.. there is always tomorrow.. if nothing happens this time.


For those of you in North Carolina. Southern Living will be featuring the monogram belts (maybe even me).. I do not know the layout.. it could be tiny.. It could be a page.. They are featuring the Joy buckle with the green block font.. as well as our 2 inch headbands. An editor called my cell phone...I was bringing my girl's into the dentist.. and answered.. gave an interview right then... that was October or November 2006.. They will be featured in the March 2007 issue... out on stands late Feb.



Did you catch Oprah?..


Melissa said...

How wonderful! Congrats! Can't wait to see the Southern Living article.

sarah said...

Love that belt! I was wondering what belts could me monogrammed! I can't wait for my trunk show. So many people are excited! :) Not as excited for me! Let us know when the magazine comes out so we can go get one. (I'm suprised I don't already have a subscription - I have like 8 magazine subscriptions.)

melissa c said...

Good luck with In Style.I subscribe to Southern Living and will be looking for your feature - congratulations!
I just ordered a monogram belt and headband from you last week - so looking forward to receiving them :)


J said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

jennifer m. said...

hi sarah. all of them can be monogrammed. fabric belts and the leather. headbands can be monogrammed too.

melissa c. i think your belt / haeadband combo went out on monday. i will double check though.. :-)

sometimes i hesitate to spill what is going on in the press end b/c it is so unknown.. yah.. they have your stuff but they have TONS of other great lines.. when it's your time to be featured.. it's your time..

but i get excited non the less.

onehotpotato said...

that would be great if they picked you up again--since the last time was a great success. keep me posted!

Preppy Wedding said...

Congrats! I've been contemplating which belt to order, but have already decided it will be my post-wedding treat to myself!

Mrs. P said...

That is so exciting! Best of luck!