Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thinking Out Loud.

Bear with me for a moment. What I am about to write is incredibly boring. So proceed at your own risk.

Shipping rates.

Online I charge $7 per package no matter where it is going no matter how many belts go in the box. People think I make money on this... hahahahahahahahahaha. When you work with manufactures (which I do).. b/c I can no longer keep up with the sewing myself.. nor do I want to.... anyway... what people do not realize is there is a handling fee when working with a manufacture. No matter if it is wholesale or retail orders.. I am charged $5 per box that is packaged.. plus 25 cents per item placed in the box.. and that is before a shipping fee is set.

I understand this.. many times I am even on the loosing end.. believe me... most wholesale accounts understand this ... sometimes.. normally a package will be packed up for a wholesale account and we are putting 30 items in the box.. they expect a handling fee.. they incorporate that charge on the other end.. and it all works out.

The problem lies here: Sometimes wholesale accounts want one or two special order belts. Either a monogram or what not.. we do it.. we do it with a smile.. but what stinks on this end.. is it is now WHOLESALE cost so I am not making much on this sale as it is... and then $5 for handling then shipping.. which normally equals approx... $9 to ship.. well.. now I need to figure this all out.. b/c to charge someone $9 ish to ship one or two belts.. well.. it just seeeeeeemmmsss (is ) soo high.. so it looks like I am going to eat more money..

Does this make sense?.. yes.. a boring fact .. blah blah..

Sorry.. it is what is on my mind right now.


At least you are not in my design class. one day I walked in all huffy puffy and gave them a cost per goods sold speech. and listed all this stuff on the board.. breaking down wholesale and retail.. ohhh..(shivers)...

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But very useful things to know. While most of the girls fell asleep, I thought it was interesting. :-)