Friday, December 08, 2006

Wallpaper 101.

I have had a couple of questions about the "wallpaper" I use on this blog. You will never see me at the "genius bar"... but hopefully this little crash coarse will set you on your way to customizing your blog.

Wallpaper 101:

1. I use beta blogger. Do not know if this is an important step.. but I thought I would start there.

2. Next I set up a Photo Bucket Account. (free). This website is super easy. You drop in any image (in my case a fabric swatch photo).. and it will create a HTML code or URL for the photo you dropped in.

3. Next I chose a template from blogger that allowed me to have a "background". the two I see online at blogger templates is this parchment paper design.. and the one with the dots. I use the parchment design.

4. I went to the "HTML" code page .. and dropped in my newly created URL for my photo.. under the "Backgrounds" in the template.. It took me a few tries to see exactly "where" to place this.. but I eventually got it right.

Hope this helps. I do not think I left anything out.. but if you know how to add images to your blog then dropping photos into Photo Bucket will not be hard... and if you have added links to your blog then you have just as much HTML background as I did/do.


sparky said...

thanks. I was wondering how the heck you did that! Detail instructions are always nice.

Shell in the City said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to change mine for so long!

thepreppyprincess said...

Cool, I have to try this out later :-)

spymum said...

Thank you very much SS! I will be trying this out next week!

jennifer m. said...


keep up the great writing.. you are fantastic at it..


love visiting your blog when i get a chance..