Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oprah. December.

Remember a ways back I told you I was going to be in Oprah... well... my forehead is in Oprah this month. (December).. Run do not walk and get yourself a copy.

I told you it was a story about these Liberian boys who were a part of a choir that toured through our city and nearby burbs and it started this surge of love in the community... All the boys ended up being adopted by families here. The feature story is excellent. It starts on page 310.

On page 313 there is a chart with numbers that identifies by name the kids. My students from this group (last year's Grammar class)..


Plus there are a few kids in the crowd that I have taught over the past few years. These boys litterally were in my class within days of flying in.

#13 always smiled and was/is very very smart. He was always cutting up in class... and I was always telling him to look at me b/c when he would talk I would not know what he was saying.

#28.. he was serious about keeping his grades up only when he would get his cell phone taken away. :-) He was always.."Mrs. Mull.. you hold the keys to my future.." other words I am in trouble with my mom.. and I do not have a life until I bring my grades up.

#19.. this is the one I never could crack. I adore him.. and he had a tender side.. but he always had a look on his face.. I use to say to my administrator.. that I didn't "get his face".. I was not welcomed in with him.. he kept me out. The other two.. smiled all the time.. #19 .. don't get me wrong.. he would laugh and enjoy himself.. but.. I don't know.. it's hard to explain.

I think it is funny when I look at the picture in Oprah how immediately I see their personalities.


But to identify me... well I told my friend C.B. if she could I would buy her dinner.. but she has given up.. so I will call my location out...


On page 311...(use the chart on page 313.. identify #26).. then go back 3 adults in a row (from the left side of his head).. one young girl with blonde hair.. then a man with a gotee....(is that how you spell this?.. mustache little beard combo thing).. then lastly you will see a man holding a little boy with reddish blondish hair.. I am right at this little boy's ear.. yes that is me.. with a headband on.


Southern Sugar said...

You can bet I will be looking for you! And telling people I know someone in Oprah this month. You rock!

jennifer m. said...

someone's very cool forehead. haha.