Saturday, December 02, 2006

Is it Beta or is it Me?

Am trying to embed music here. Not trying to have it on "auto play".. just trying to place an "option". Like everything I do here on this blog.. it is the process of learning how to code this.

I use the beta template. Under this, I can customize on the right of this blog.. add photos.. add links.. all of it. There is a place to add HTML. So I found a code to embed music.. I have an mp3 file saved on my desktop.. so now I am wondering why it does not work.

Any one a wiz at this. Is it Beta or is it Me?


onehotpotato said...

no but when you get it figured out--call me!

Tod said...

do you like the Beta? I am still chicken to change..

jennifer m. said...


i do like beta. i like to customize. it is limiting.. but better than the original blogger. i considered getting a typepad account.. and actually have one.. i just ... again have not figured it all out.. blogger is free... and sometimes beta will act up.. but it is super simple.. take it from an HTML.. dummy.. me.

J said...

Thanks for the sneak peek of the spring line. It looks great...I can't wait to see the rest!