Friday, December 01, 2006


I know I have said this recently.. but there is a big part of me right now that is completely into black.

today's outfit.

1. gap straight-leg fit.. these are not black.. but they are almost railroad black-grey-ish..kind of dressy.. but not really.. flat front.

2. gap slim fit.. long.. black and white stripe shirt. little buttons on the sleaves.. and a few buttons on one side of the top.

3. black and white houndsthooth 2 inch headband.. (from here (corey fabric.. new for SPRING..not online:-).

4. and my favorite new shoes. they are rubber black slip on shoes.. with a blig black grosgrain ribbon tie front. literally you can take the ribbon off and throw them in the wash machine. Brand: Okabashi. They are made in the states.. maybe they have a site??? have not checked.

But I am litterally black from head to toe.. little bit of white.

love this Black phase.. but I know it will be short lived.. but it is so easy.. which I think is one of the reasons it is such a classic color. It is the best neutral.. when used in a living space... as a piece of furniture.. it anchors the room.

love it.


Lisagh said...

I've heard "once you go black, you never go back" but I'm not sure that's what you're talking about. (wink)

Melissa said...

Jen, I found the site for those shoes and they're so cute! I posted about you writing about them and how much I like them on my site today!

jennifer m. said...

thanks melissa. i love the ones you posted about .. the brown with the velvet ribbon.

side note.. whole thing on black.. i have to chuckle b/c my "little" blurb up top on my blog talks about how I do not really wear black.. blah blah..

lisagh.. that is especially true in the South (wink)

Melissa said...

LOVE the new background on the site Jen! Also love the J Crew jacket on your Christmas list. I have been wanting one of those too!

Shell in the City said...

I know what you mean about black! I wear it to work all of the time because it is so easy and can be chic at the same time. However, I am working on adding more color to my wardrobe.

onehotpotato said...

love the updated blog!