Monday, December 04, 2006

All in a Day.

After recovering from a busy week last week.. this weekend was spent trying to place last minute orders for our wholesale accounts.. and doing priliminary reports of business this year.

I am also going through the inventory of our Christmas belts.. so we can count the total dollar amount we are donating to a family here in town.. a family who deserves it.. let me tell you.. I am so excited to hand over this check to this family.. and hopefully will be surprised at how much we can give.

Also went through the house this weekend and stripped the beds and washed all sheets.. all of it.. getting rid of some germs that have been hanging around here.


Just found out we have a backorderd fabric.. not too happy about it.. as we NEED some of this fabric to cover some I might need to hunt some of this down tomorrow.


Line sheets went out for Spring 2007.. am excited about it.. and also waiting to see if we were accepted into an Industry Show in New York for January. So we will see.


Final avarages are due for my students tomorrow.. so guess what.. totally grading tonight.. plus need to create the "angel" for my daughter's classroom nativity scene.


But I tell you all in a day.

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suburban mom said...

Wow - you're a busy lady! :)