Sunday, November 19, 2006

Too Many Chiefs

I had watched a situation unfold today.. that brought me to internalize about my own personality some.


It was our "turn" for child care today at church. We had the first hour (of three). Once a year.. your number is pulled.. and you are assigned an hour. I actually like this type of operation b/c I think if you use it.. you need to do some time.

So after my hour "Lady in Charge".. walkie-talkie and all.. comes up to the door and says.. "Thank you". We exchange a bit about what the hour was like. I tell her I would be more than happy to be put on the sub "list" in case another team can not come in for some reason.

In walks "Mr. Chief". I know this man.. everyone does in the community.. he is some sort of local politician.. and apparently the "Second Hour Help". Miss "Lady in Charge" says to him nicely.. let's let the "First Hour" children leave before the "Second Hour" comes in. Sounds fine to me... but "Mr. Chief" wants to debate this issue. See, he can NOT be told what to do in any situation.. EVER. He proceeds to argue some.. and even rolls his eyes at "Lady in Charge". I was embarrassed for him. Then he proceeds to do exactly what she just asked him not to. In front of her. And she like everyone else in his life.. lets him.

It is these type of Cheifs I can not stand. The ones who, for whatever reason, have been given permission at some point in their life.. to take over a situation. Maybe people just let them get their way b/c it is easier in the immediate present..


I think I am a Chief. But I am a Cheif in my own world. And when I say "my world" .. I mean my immediate family.. my job.. and my work. And even in my family.. my husband and I share responsibility... but I would say I am the CEO of operations on a day to day basis. All moms are. Well, most moms are. I do not walk into a situation.. a job.. even a volunteer hour.. and throw my silly opinion around.. I do not bully. I am not always right.. I do not even care to be. I have no need to mirco manage strangers. I watch and learn confidently.


Do you have some Chiefs in your life that walk in and "take over"? For whatever reason they are always right. No matter what.. It is what they want and that is it. Sometimes I think they even think they are wrong... but get a kick out of being a prick.. There is not even room for discussion.. b/c discussion rarely works with these type folk. And whatever you are doing... well.. it is either wrong.. or it can be done better.


Maybe I think I am a Chief.. but really an Indian. Sometimes I feel like an Indian...


All this thought from one person's obnoxious behavior today.


Lisagh said...

True chiefs are the ones who recognize the strengths in others and allow them to use those strengths. They encourage and support and help foster productivity and greatness in others. They are leaders but not bullies. Those who just walk in and shove their weight around are nothing but sheep in wolves clothing. Very small people indeed.

I suspect you are a chief of the true variety.

KER said...

I couldn't agree more. I work with a women who is very similar. She comes to work later than I do (and then works later) and the minute she gets there, it's like a tornado goes through the office! She runs around asking what I'm up to and telling me how to do my job (which I fully know how to do!). It drives me crazy! Why do some people feel that they always have to micromanage things or that a company, department or event cannot run without their imput?!

jennifer m. said...


you are too kind. :-) thanks.