Monday, November 20, 2006

Madison Sloan Dot Com

Every now and again you run into someone who is really special. The other day, at an event, I met Stacey. She owns and designs a line of laminated placemats...and other great things.. She is fabulous and so are her designs.

Please visit her website. Everything is customized.. and beautiful.

Madison Sloan is her site.. it is NEW and she is working on getting everything looking great... and my preppy readers I think will agree that these items make the best Christmas gifts!!!!!

Check her out if you can.. I swear it is a matter of time before she hits it big !!!!

Over and Out for Today.


ps.. am totally gaga over the new Spring line here.. let's just say.. green and pink suede.. lobsters.. anchors.. and more... I could't be happier about how everything has come out and how it looks. Took pictures today and now will spend the holiday tweeking the images... and making the combo's something special.


Melissa said...

OK, those placemats are way too adorable. I agree with you, she could hit it big with those.

New spring line sounds great - can't wait to see!

J said...

Lobsters are one of my favorite critters...I can't wait to see them!

KER said...

The spring line sounds beautiful, can't wait to see pics! Thank you for the site info, those placemats are adorable!!

Mrs. P said...

Those are so cute! I can't wait to see your Spring Line!

suburban prep said...

They are way too cute.