Wednesday, November 22, 2006

13 Hours. Flat

My home town is up North. I actually grew up in Southern MA... My parents now live on the border of MA and Vermont. Last night we headed out of driveway at 8:39 pm. We actually "arrived" 12 hours later.. clocking in another trip of apprx. 860 miles. We went out to breakfast before we ended up at my parent's house.. so driveway to driveway was about 13 hours.

I only got out of the car one time to take my oldest to the potty in New York at 4 am.. my youngest never left her car seat until breakfast (8:30). When I say they are expert travelers.. I am serious.. they have been doing this drive since birth.

Me.. well.. I got out of the car at the 13th hour and twisted my back in a weird way. I can not move.. I can hardly type.. so now I am stuck with some sort of ancient heating pad my mom drug out of the closet for me.. I have never had a back problem in my life.. and now I feel like I am dying..

Happy Thanksgiving.


onehotpotato said...

too funny--i'm there is spirit!

Lisagh said...

Oh dear! I went through this last week... remember to lay down on a relatively hard surface with your legs elevated and take as much anti-inflammatory medication as you're comfortable with. Ice packs help as well. (too much heat might irritate initial injury).

Rest up and good luck.