Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Times

Some photos of my parent's town. One of these is a one room barber shop. When you think these things do not exist.. they do.

Another photo is of my dad and Lilly. She loves her Papa Bob.


We made it home in record time of 11 hours and 40 minutes. Door to door. People ask me all the time why we travel at night. The answer is so simple. My girls fell asleep in the car as we were going through CT.. and woke up as we were about 20 minutes from home. Even when we stopped for gas and to shake out the legs.. they slept. Got to love it. A parents dream: sleeping children.


I bought a wreath up North and am having it shipped here.. it was a deal.. $24.00 (before shipping).. the size of it is amazing.. and we just do not have great "home grown" items like this in this big city.. for under $80...


Hope to rest up today and do the laundry tomorrow.


The EMG said...

LOVE the picture of Lilly and her Papa.... makes me long to be closer to home...:(

Glad to see you had a great trip!


onehotpotato said...

i just love the pictures--of course i am partial =) very cool ones though of the church and cemetary. i just love new england!