Sunday, November 19, 2006

My "Little Light"

So here is My youngest at "Parent's Night" at her school last week. She was so excited to be the center of attention. Her class sang "This Little Light" on stage. She took all motions very seriously.


Christmas decorations (minus outside lights) are up and functioning. Tree is up.. fireplace is decorated, stairwell done.. candles up in windows.. as well as wreaths. (pine allergies here at this house.. so everything is faux.. :-0 ). )


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Lisagh said...

That little dress is so cute and the leotards are the best! What a cutie... you may have an American Idol in your future (smile)!

onehotpotato said...

i just love her!! just think, i get to be her auntie!

Melissa said...

So cute! Adorable dress too!

STL Sarah said...

Your girls are just darling! I used to wear big bows like that... I really wish they were still appropriate at my age. I'd be all over it.