Friday, November 17, 2006

It is a Wrap.

Thought today would never end. I did accomplish a lot though... actually took tonight and went Christmas shopping for the girls.

The big purchase for them this year was the hand held (and plug into TV) Leapster thing. They get you on the "games" end of it.. those things are expensive.. my oldest REALLLLY wanted the "pink one".. but it did not come in "pink" on the model for the "tv" version. but these things are soo cool.

Also got them some games for their V-Smile system... some new PJ's..Groovy girls, some sort of Pet Shop thing they are into.. and new toothbrushes... I managed to pick up some simple "play" clothes.. that will probablly last all of one year.. but I think we are on the way to getting them crossed off.

I want to get them another Webkinz.. as well.. but things start to add up.. and one glance into their play room.. and I just shutter at the thought of "adding" any
thing to it...

Oh yeah.. Lilly will get a new "dress up dress".. and Madison will be thrilled with this great new "Design".. outfit.. coloring thing... add in the new sketch books.. and new art supplies.. and we are DONE.

Over and Out....

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Tod said...

I can't believe it's time to do Christmas shopping already...Great blog