Friday, November 17, 2006

Today's Agenda

This is what "Jenny on the Block" has Got Going On:

1. carpool 9:00 am
2. event from 10-1pm
3. carpool for child #2
4. reading in child # 1's classroom.. I am the "Mystery Reader"..
5. carpool
6. event (same event) evening hours.. 3 pm- I will run over when my hubby gets home.. taking the girls out for icecream after school.. and just hanging out together..


In between I will need some studio time today. Photos need to be taken for Spring II portfolio which is due December 1... so over the Holiday I will be photo shopping these images. Spring will debut online January 15 or so.

A big shipping day today too.. buckles have finally arrived to begin our process on them.. we were waiting and waiting for these to arrive.. so we have many items that need to be put together and shipped. My goal is to get everything we have working on out before Thanksgiving.. minus the Trunk show we did in KY.. those beautiful girls will have to get them after Thanksgiving.


Am excited about being the "Mystery Reader".. my daughter has asked me over 100 times to be it.. but all the other moms filled in the times sooo quickly.. I was lucky to get this spot.

More later.
Have a Great Day.

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poppy said...

phew! sounds busy!