Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Starting Now.

This weekend we here.. at this residence.. we are decorating for Christmas. I need to. It has to be done. We are traveling some for Thanksgiving.. and if I am going to decorate.. I need to have it up for a month..and that means the night we get home from our travels..the tree lights just need to be plugged in.

When do you decorate?


Melissa said...

Jen, You are making me feel better! I like to start decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Some people act like that is too early but I like to enjoy the decorations as long as possible! I'm glad some one else starts as early (even earlier) than me!

Lisagh said...

I can't even start to think about it until at least December. Maybe it's because I don't have the Thanksgiving warning like you do... lucky Americans, 2 holidays so close together! For me, Christmas starts in December... 1st or 2nd week in tops.

J said...

Definitely not until after Thanksgiving...but it goes in phases. First the outside lights go up, then the wreath on the front door. We always have a real tree and it doesn't go up until around Dec. 15 so it doesn't dry out...the same goes for pine boughs on the mantel, piano, and banister.