Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh Brother.

Mom (me) had a great idea to take the girls to Target to buy some new "Christmas" ornamnets.

What is my problem? Have I not learned my lesson yet?

Target = Stupid idea. When you have your kids with you.. especially around the holidays.

Good friggin grief.

I gave them the "run down" before we entered the store. If you are a mom.. you know the struggle I speak of.

"Now.. guys.. this is not a shopping trip for you.".. I say so diplomatically. "We are here to pick out some Christmas decorations..."

"Ok Mommy.. we understand."

I was soo played by my two little angels.. oh man. I was suckered into "cute Hello Kitty" items..


So after much deliberation from my oldest.. we settled on a notepad with pen combo.


Only to leave it there.. and everything else after a melt down at the register.


I have a handle on this "mom thing" really I do. Please believe me.


sarita said...

this is must be your first shopping trip with the girls as they said you never take them shopping..this is good experience for them. They need to know how to shop and how to spend, so taking them alot is really good for them...and of course the fun part of taking your children shopping is making them feel special by buying a little surprise did the most right thing!!!!!

jennifer m. said...

You do not seriously think this is my first shopping trip with my girls in 6 years.

And no..the goal is not to buy them something "special" each time we go out. The goal is for them to be content when they don't. At 6 and 4 it is time to show a tiny bit of self when they turn 16 and 14 ...I am proud of who they are..

Their room is "filled" with surprise gifts. How about "surprising me" and behaving.

Melissa said...

I can sympathize with your little angels. I have a tough time myself making it out of Target without at least 3 things I did NOT come in there to buy!!! :)

sarita said...