Friday, October 20, 2006

Let your voice be heard.

I had the unfortunate experience today of hearing some talk radio that was soooo totally offensive.

We live in a society where we have the right to speak our mind. We can have opinions. We can be right.. or we can be wrong.

This was not your typical 3 hours. It was on talk radio here in town. The topic: Peanut Allergies.

This discussion should happen. We live in a world where this allergy has become common place.. And if you live this allergy (which I do not)... you know the stress I speak of.

One of the "guest hosts" was so totally off color with his comments.. saying he "wanted to pour peanuts down someone's throat.. and watch them die"... it was unbelieveable.

I subscribe to Free Speech. I promise I do.. but the way they handled this one mom.. (who I actually know.. who called in to voice her opinion).. was totally disrespectful..

I had to pick my jaw off of the floor.


So to all the moms and dads..and teachers who deal with this allergy... your voice will be heard. It is time for this discussion to happen. It is time to educate a public that has no idea the stress you live with.

We are talking about the lives of innocent children. This product.. traces of this product.. when it comes in contact with a child.. can kill.

Homeschooling will be an option for some.. but come on.. we do not live in a society where that is even possible for most.

This is the radio station that spoke with such hate. The actual host was gone for the day.. he had 2 "guest hosts". I hope he comes back to a mile long series of emails.

I am not sitting here saying ban all peanut products. Would that personally suck for most pre-school and school age kids and moms packing lunches everyday.. of coarse. But good friggin greif.. this is a CONTACT allergy. Just for once.. put yourselves in these folks shoes.. for once... have some compassion.


Elizabeth H. said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I teach school and you would be surprised at how callous some people can be. At our school children are not allowed to bring any sort of peanut products. There are at least two children that can't even touch a surface that has had peanut residue on it. You can't believe the comments that we get. Eating peanut butter is in no way guaranteed in the Constitution.

Suz said...

I have a peanut allergy and although I'm 25 and completly able to handle all that comes with it on my own (read ingredients, only fly jet blue b/c other airlines serve peanuts) you would not believe how rude some people can be - when I question waiters about how food is prepared or people in my office who find it humorous that if someone is eating a PB&J at lunch I eat at my desk. So frustrating. If I had heard that radio person I would've called in and had a thing or two to say.