Thursday, October 19, 2006

This and That.

Thursday is my favorite day. It "signals" for me the last day of the working (read teaching) week. I do not teach on Fridays. In fact, Tuesday and Thursdays are my favorite days to teach b/c of my Design II class.. which I can not even believe I get paid to do.

These girls are so great. I adore ALL of them.. and I know they read this.. so that is a shout out to them.

They have taken so many of my ideas and just run with them. The class is set up as almost "studio time".. where any of the 4 projects they are working on.. that is what they do.

One of which they are re-designing one of their fellow classmates bedroom. They drew out their rooms to scale using graph paper. They took digital photos and emailed them to their "designer".. (classmate) and they have consulted and have started to design the spaces within a $2,000.00 dollar budget. I can not see what they come up with.


In other news, my sister in law, is moving her store (Miss Priss) to a new shopping center in town. The re-opening is scheduled for this weekend... with a grand re-opening party scheduled at a later date. She is going to keep her Lilly line.. but also incorporate other fantastic lines.. many which will be exclusive to the area zip code. So if you are from Charlotte.. you should run on over to the new store which will be across from the new independent theater in Ballantyne.


Two days ago I had a random phone call from an editor from Southern Living. It looks like yours truely may be featured in the upcoming March 2007 edition. It will be in the special NC section.. so not everyone will be able to read/see it. So I need to put some of our new designs for Spring 2007 on a c.d. this weekend and send it along to them. My funny face may even grace the pages... so we shall see.


Pretty much it. My Spring line has been shipped to my friends at Liz Henry Jewelry. They are going to show it at Dallas for the FIG (Fashion Indusrty Gallery) Show next weekend. I wonder from time to time.. what Market I should be represent at.

I am not sure Dallas will embrace the preppy vibe. So we shall see.

My friend / neighbor just came back from the ENK show in New York this past week. She said all the buyers were looking for the most funkiest items for children. She said the guy across from her was selling screen print tees and onesies for children with very modern animals on them.. and he was jumping. She also said.. Vineyard Vines was as slow as could be. Well.. I know I am not a children's line.. But where would that put me.. I am not as straight laced as a Vineyard Vines.. and certainly not "Funky".. (hate that word).. so I get deep in thought over here as to where to show my line next.

I want to try New York. But I would be quite disappointed after all the time, energy, and money to write a few thousand in sales. (not to mention.. I have two little girls...) so juggling time away is so difficult.


No Halloween costumes yet.. ideas.. but nothing solid for the two little monkeys I call my girls.


Speakin gof Holiday preperation. My friend, Caroline, has these great new holiday photo cards. I am not sure if they are online or not.. but they are cute.

Over and out. Grey's Anatomy is in a few minutes.. need to shower and settle down to watch it.


onehotpotato said...

I love Thursdays too! Mentally I actually start to relax the by Thursday evening. I also think Friday is the best day of the weekend (you got the whole weekend in front of you) I think I like the idea of weekend, although, with two small kids weekends sort of still get lost. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Sugar said...

Jen, I think Coaterie (sp?) in NY would be a good show for you. I love Coaterie.