Monday, October 23, 2006

New Launch Page.

I did some site updating this weekend. New launch page is up and running for the Holidays.

I hate to be Miss Self Promoter.. but the Christmas Collection is now available. Do not gasp at the price.. b/c this is what you get..

You get:

1. One Christmas belt with belt buckle
2. One free Buckle of your choice with or without a monogram ($52.00 value)

So basically.. a Christmas design you can wear during the Season... and then switch it out with a buckle of your choice to wear during the rest of the year.

What you give:

1. Every purchase of these belts, $20.00 will be donated to buy Christmas gifts for needy children.. (I actually have several families in mind)..and I have a goal in mind of a dollar amount..


Up coming events this week. On the calendar for this last part October:

1. Trunk show in Charlotte. (25th-27th)

2. Trunk Show in Charlotte (Ballentyne Country Club) 10 am-4 pm. Friday, Oct. 27th

3. Christmas Bazar. Houston, Texas (see Events page on website). Oct. 25th-26th.

4. FIG. Dallas Texas. October 26-29th.


One last thing.. If you live in Newport, RI or in or near Wellesley, MA.. Trappings boutique is a new account for us.. so run in and check out our monogram leather belts.


Elizabeth H. said...

I live in Houston! My MIL is the director of the preschool at St. Martin's. I will come for a visit. Will you have any headbands with you? I was thinking Preppy Potato for my SIL for Christmas.

jennifer m. said...

elisabeth h.

the girl that is working the booth is a rep in houston..

tell her to give you 20% off your total purchase.

email me off blogger.. and i can send you an email coupon to print off and take with you.

tell all your friends too.. they can get a discount as long as them have a copy of the coupon.. ok

make sense?

ps.. i forget it i put an order in for headbands or not.. there was a lot of ordering and manufacturing over the last few weeks to prepare for this trunk show and FIG in Dallas.. so I forget what I sent..

I know on the last day.. my silver buckle belts at the show will be marked down to $22.00.

Elizabeth H. said...

Wow! Thanks! Your email me link is not working. My email is