Friday, August 25, 2006

Spell Me... OH MY


I have had faster than lightening reply's. This is soo funny. All of you have found different spelling errors. I swear this is my biggest problem area. As long as you are finding different ones.. and notifying me.. you will get a belt.

Keep it coming.


vandyvixen said...

Savvy has two v's :) Do I get a belt? Love the blog by the way!

Meg said...

In youre 'about the designer' section you have "Wear it to the golf coarse".

This is fun! What an incredible offer!!

Meg said...

oops, now I made an error. I meant, in YOUR section. Typing makes spelling much harder, no?? ;)

miss priss said...

On your Studio 7602 page: "We want it to be exactly the way you invision." It should be "envision" huh?

I too am a teacher and laugh at my many spelling errors :-)!

miss priss said...

Oh yeah..."invision" is on the Create Your Own Belt with Monogram page.

I really should not be reading for errors at leisure...enough of that at work...ha! No really - very gracious & humble of you to ask for help with typos and offer fab belts! :-)

jennifer m. said...

miss priss... email me on my sebsite with your shipping address.. that was a good one.


jennifer m. said...

i can not even apell "website",

jennifer m. said...

here we go again.. "spell"

what is my deal today