Friday, August 25, 2006

Spell Me

I just went over to my website and found two spelling errors. Can you find them? Heck.. I may even have more.. If you can.. I will give you a free belt... to the first person to contact me... not everyone who does. :-)

I am just too lazy to go into the program and fix them.


I had orientation last night. Met a bunch of my students and all.. that is always fun. Kind of not ready to give up my summer yet.

Orientation for my youngest is today at 10 am. And then there is the class pool party this afternoon with my oldest.


I am done writing today. Promise.


Ksk said...

preppy potato is in the 2005 trunkt hamptons catalog

on the press page

I cannot seem to get the "email me" button to work so I am putting this in your comments instead - sorry!!!

jennifer m. said...

trunkt is actually spelled correctly.. it is a independent designer website and store.