Friday, August 25, 2006

Soo In Trouble

I love you readers you. I think we are up to five different spelling errors. So if you have not sent me your address and I have requested it from you.. go ahead.. and we will ship these belts off to you.

I am sooo in trouble.. what if the count gets to like 20.. haha.

Maybe I have a "spelling disorder".




EthidiumBromide said...

A few more spelling errors...
1) On the home page, under Celebrity Swag bags, you have Eva Longoria spelled as Eva Longaria.
2) In the exact same sentence as above, you spell received as recieved.
3) On the reps wanted page, "Golf Pro Shops and Specialy Shops Accounts" should be Specialty
4) Also on the reps wanted page, "Sorority Sisters: Postitions available to host Trunk Shows on campus." -- should be positions.

That was fun. Kind of like a scavenger hunt. :)

jennifer m. said...

great.. these are new ones.. thanks. send me your shipping address.. and we will reward all your hard work. :-)