Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Popsicles at the Park

Every summer about a month before school starts ..the school where my oldest attends does a social called "Popsicles at the Park". It is a chance for the new kids to get to know each other so that they are not complete strangers when they show up on the first day of class.

We went this morning and it was nice except it was almost 98* degrees with like 120* percent humidity. I litterally had to lay my oldest on the ground in the shade and pour water down her throat and all over her little head to cool her down.

I wore my new PUMA hat and shades a white polo and pink shorts.. no makeup....but there were some moms all decked out..and tragically they looked like crap within 5 minutes of being in this unhealthy heat. I am talking dresses and a playground.

We came home exhausted and ready to go back to bed by 11:30 b/c we were all so worn out.

Did a whole bunch of ordering this morning. Am getting Rep samples put together. Plus getting ready for a large Trunk show in TX..which I am expecting to be great.

Off to the pool around 4 pm... Will pack dinner for the girls to eat there.


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