Thursday, July 20, 2006


Last night my husband and I were outside. He walked past my car which just got NEW tires..and would you not had a nice big nail in one of them.

The ironic freaking thing is.. my husband has a new car with "Run Flat" tires. It was not even a week after his car was delivered from overseas..and he noticed a nail in one of his tires.

What is the deal with us?

What are the chances of this? It is not even like we live in an area of "new construction". Just our luck I guess.

I say all this b/c now I am stuck at home until he comes home (early..thank goodness)..with my newly patched up tire.

Number One Goal: Locate Plastic hooks (hang tag with logo) to place on my belts..and a display rack for retail venues. Because a finshished look speaks volumes as to "where you are" as a company.

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KER said...

The same thing happened to me last week!!! Just bad luck I suppose...