Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pillow Talk

First session with a pillow under my laptop.. and this is working out nicely.

We picked up a great account yesterday: Darien's Sports in CT. They sell all kinds of great products from Lilly Pulitzer to Kate Spade.. and some other fantastic lines. My sister in law has a Lilly Store..and she said when everyones "numbers" are low this store rocks it out. So I am very pleased with this new account. They purchased many many stles and sizes of our new leather line.. so I am excited for them display these.

Other news:

I picked up a new Rep in New England. He will specialize in the "Golf World".. so this is a great thing as well.

I am going to take the girls to the park this morning..and out for ice cream too..

Plan on researching more fabrics this afternoon..and ordering the supplies I needed to yesterday and didn't.

Need some again later.

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