Monday, July 31, 2006

It's in the Mail

The last few days since the 2,000 postcards we designed came.. I have been addressing them and entering them (new addresses) into my computer. I have spent almost 3 years organizing and developing my address list of buyers and shops.. and actually lost 8 hours of research one time when my old lap top started to smoke. I cried some.. but got over it..

Sometimes the research pays off.. sometimes it takes a few "introductions" to get someone to notice.. sometimes not. But I do it anyway. :-)

My first time I sent a mailer. I bought adorable note cards, included a product photo/postcard, and a business card in every envelope. I hand wrote all the cards and introduced myself and my line. The following month when I went to Market the first time.. a least 5 of my buyers brought the cards to Market and showed me they held on to it and "sought" me out to meet me and purchase my line.

I think a personal touch goes a long way.

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