Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dream House

When and if I ever move... I want to have a say in the floor plan of my house.. you know the details... and one of those little details is that my girl's room will have no windows.. It is not that I do not want them to enjoy all the nice vitamin D they get from the sun... it is because for once I would like to sleep past 6 am in the morning.

And yes.. I thought about black out shades ... but the less fabric they have the less they cough b/c of allergies.. so.. please.. just be sympathetic... for a minute.

I have to feed the little humans downstairs..."The are soooooo hungry".... "Mommy"..... :-)

Up and running here...

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Monogram Momma said...

Welcome to my "Dream House" folder where I have filled it full of Southern Living House Plans and mouldings and bathroom specifics. In this folder, I even keep my dream room under wraps where it is all mine and set up for sewing, crafting, wrapping, and photography. No kids allowed. I highly recommend starting one!