Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Location, Location, Location

So I set my mini spy web counter up on my website... and no I have not gone in and figured out how to remove the "code corrupt" from my pages... but that is besides the point.

I have visitors from Canada, France, London, Asia.. and of coarse here in the good ol' USA. There is this one individual.. and I have no idea.. maybe I am her launch page.. but the amount of time an individual from Reston, VA is on my site is mind boggling. Maybe they are a competitor.. haha.. getting the latest.. in fact I had someone flat out ask me the other day about how I "do my buckles".. and listen.. I just am not telling you.. except to say it is specially engineered.. and I am super serious about this.. it is not an easy process... but getting back to Reston.. should this concern me? should it flatter me.. and to be honest.. I wish I didn't know.

There is no way to know who you are that visit my site.. I guess it was more that I am interested in what area of the country is interested in us.. and I have to tell you.. Miss Reston aside... the Northeast have it.
So my buddy told me how to add links.. and I will be adding some of my favorite here soon.
I watched a crazy three hours of Project Runway.. the repeat episode where Miss USA was on.. well.. she was wearing my friend..Wendy Culpepper's earings.. I just love it.. I missed the original airing of the show.. but it was fun to see something like that..

I need to photograph the first phase of Spring 07 by the end of the week.. and think about getting at the least 4 additional fabrics.. but I may hold off.. I just am not in the "Spring 07" kind of mood.. but it all has to be done by Sept. 1st.. and we are off next week for our annual trip to Maine with my family.. so I am working on like 3 weeks until it is all due .. not four.

A Trunk show in TX is being held (or was held) tonight with one of my new Reps.. so I am waiting to hear about those stats.. hope they are good.


Other than taking my kids to the pool at 6:30 tonight.. nothing else worth mentoning happened.

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Jo said...

I'm a reader living in Sardinia, Italy. I love your belts, and plan to buy some when I move back to the States next year.