Wednesday, July 12, 2006

B Day Party

My little girl turns 6 on Sunday. I swear I look at her and melt. She is beautiful inside and out. Full of life and just the sweetest little girl with the kindest heart.

We are having her b-day party with her friends today at the pool at her school. Invitations went out while we are on vacation. (had my printer address and send for me). They were little blue and yellow bathing adorable.

We baked and decorated cupcakes. We went and picked out the fish and other fun balloons yesterday..picked out the goody bag stuff. I also bought a ton of beach balls to fill the pool..and for the other children to take home..

Ordered the food..I think I am good.. I always get nervous that I have forgotten something at times like these.


Cross those fingers.. In Style wants some monogrammed belts and buckles..Working some miracles this my usual monogram girl is on vacation..and all the shops here that monogram are on a 2 day wait...and with the new manufacture is actually headed up here tomorrow to video the process..and has not learned the "secret steps" a friend of a friend last night (10 pm) agreeed to whip some up.. anywho..when In Style asks for send it..b/c when they are is golden. I just hope it works out and we get a placement again.

Over and Out.

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