Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blog world

So I was talking to a dear friend of mine telling her about finishing the "Book Club Book" in like a day..and she says to me. I am not reading books of late..I am reading blogs.

So naturally I think this is really funny..cool funny (my friend). And she has sparked my interest. What blogs?..and she rattles them off..and when I had a minute last night I went on the hunt to find the blog she mentioned. They have all linked to each other..and maybe I am new to this..indeed I am... but there is this one that ..well.. that is what this really talented writer and hubby do they blog.. this is their job.

I know I am 5 years past the curve.. but to my defense I was getting married, having back to back babies, teaching full time..then teaching part time..then starting my company..so I really had not time to locate a blog..but I wish I did.. b/c I think it would have saved me from the tiny but overwhelming (why do I minimize the GREAT lonely feelings).. feeling of loosing my mind when I was nursing my newborns every 1.5 hours.

They have all these great blogs for Moms.. I they just rock..I wish I had this resource ..I swear.. I went to the stupid Parenting blogs.. such a crock. I should have went to a space that was saying what I was feeling.


Other news..and just human feelings I am having:

My friend.. she has all the luck.. Do you have these kind of people in your circle? The one that gets the break.. hard worker I will admit..but the stars shine down on her. .. Somehow landed a huge overseas account just out of the sky.

I cannot help saying this..but I had the sharpest pang of jealousy. I really need to evaluate my feelings b/c I have been blessed. I work hard...and truly think it will happen for me..but uuugghghgh

Now that that is out. It truly is a motivation for me.. I am thankful she is in my life..


No more news.

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Meg said...

Are there any blogs that you can pass along? It's always fun to find a new one.

As for your friend and feeling jealous, we've all been there. It's hard to admit it, but I'm sure you know people who feel the same big of envy when think about you and all that you've got. Hang in there.