Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Day After

Here is the Birthday Girl... well.. almost birthday girl..not technically till Sunday. But none the is a shot of her cute little smile at her pool party.

Yesterday was crazy to say the least. Today not so crazy. I had a meeting with my manufacture..and created some "golf samples" for my reps. Filled orders..and went to my friend's "Raglands" show. Bought two pair a pants for my little girlies..and matching shirts..and now home..and it's time to clean the Studio. AGAIN.

I can organize.. I just can not stay organized. Do you have that problem?

Well.. In Style received the monogram belts they requested..and I am really hoping they pick one of them..they turned out great.


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Pink Cupcakes said...

Aww great picture - she looks just like you :)