Thursday, June 01, 2006

The View

So I watched Katie's farewell on the Today show yesterday...and my thoughts went to obviously Meredith, from the View...and then my thoughts went to the disturbing news about Rosie taking her spot. Then my thoughts went to..why?..why did they do that?

Now I remember when the Rosie show was great. I do. She was great..she was uplifting and she helped a lot of people out..especially children..and for that she gets a gold start. But then she turned into this sort of angry lady. With her half a head shaved ..and her Broadway show with Boy her little "wedding" / photo opt. for gay rights.

I just can not imagine Star Jones, Joy, and Rosie...this sounds horrid to me. A bunch of loud, camera hungry, argumentative women..I can not think that this is a good way to spend an hour. Poor Elisabeth..that sweet girl from Survivor..the only normal member of the group.

Another side note..all the bathing suits from J.Crew I want are sold out until some late date in June...and my madras driving cap is nowhere to be found...not in the cataolg that came yesterday..not online..I should have snagged this up sooner..I just did not have time...

Babysitter came my children had some entertainement...they painted, read books, colored, played on the computer..she did their hair all "fancy" as my little one said. Hired help is a good thing.

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