Sunday, June 04, 2006

Organized Mess

I am one of those. All my important papers and notes are on my desk...but as far as calling it "orderly" that would be going tooo far. I have also decided that it is time for me to start doing my own books. I know what account it came from..I know what the purchase was and when..I make the deposits..I just know. But now I have to have my husband, who's gift is not teaching, teach me how to enter in "Quick Books". I may be talking a big talk here..but I think I can do this..and if I keep on it every week or twice a week..I think things should run smoothly.

Found out we will be in Teen People in August..three monogrammed belts.

Off to run errands after church today. I love the summer schedule of least where we go..10:00 service is perfect for families with young is not rush rush in the morning..or if you choose to go to late doesn't feel like you have lost so much of your morning...not that that is the attitude I should have... and running.

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