Monday, June 05, 2006

Tooth Fairy

My oldest (who will be 6 in July) lost her first tooth yesterday while we were at the pool. She was sooooooo excited..and unfortunately told EVERYONE there..I swear..she was a so funny about this. I know it is excessive..and when I was little ..I think I got a nickel under my pillow..but she has this great "tooth pillow" she happened to get for Christmas..b/c we figured this may be the year she started loosing teeth...and the "tooth fairy" left her $10.00 for her little tooth. She is downstairs scheming with her little sister about what treasures she is going to buy today. I told her the "tooth fairy" thinks the first lost tooth is the most important one..and that the "gifts" are not ten bucks per tooth...I just need to set that up in her mind here..

My baby is growing up...the landscape of her face is my.

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