Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Original Idea

So my little girls are roughly 18.5 months apart in age. My youngest is literally a shadow in so many ways of my oldest. Will say the same silly thing right after my oldest says something..she wants to wear the same dresses, hairbows, pj's as my oldest...I sometimes joke that she will never have an original idea...

I have no original idea today. I loved the 100 things about me at preppycafe listed..and then over at grosgraingarage there is a super good one too.. I am not even going to act like I have 100 cool things about me..and I should be doing Spring 07 fabric research..but I need to cleanse my head of color here for a minute and look at a boring computer screen...So here we go.

Part one: (1-15)
1. I am a twin. I am three minutes older than my twin. My mom never dressed us alike..but one time.
2. I dress my girls alike almost every day.
3. My brother is a Major (a pilot) in the military. He flew the Secretary of State during the Clinton administration on many a tour overseas.
4. My favorite color is pink.
5. I have a tatoo (actually 2). One is my monogram on my lower back. I like my tatoos but I would not do it again.
6. I wish my twin lived by me. She lives in Idaho.
7. I do not complain.
8. I am not selfish.
9. I am wearing a t-shirt today that reads "unemployed". I wore it to work (school) this morning to drop off some paperwork
10. I "put dinner together"..it does not usually include "cooking"..as in baking.
11. I love Mexican food.
12. I had Mexican the night I went into labor with both my girls.
13. I grew up in MA.
14. All my siblings live in differents states.
15. I have green eyes.

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