Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Part Two of the Un-Important

So I continue my list:

16. I usually only wear silver jewelry
17. I teach Junior High Grammar and High School Latin, and one Design class during the school year.
18. We vacation in Maine.
19. My favorite dog is a Jack Russell
20. I am not a big fan of cats. (no offense cat people)
21. My children have allergies to "the environment"..I will not take this personally.:-)
22. I love photography
23. I use to do scrap-booking all the time. Now I have no time.
24. I do not have a house keeper.
25. Lots of my friends do...and I am jealous of this fact.
26. I love shopping, but I have self control in this area.
27. I have to have self control, as my children are in private school.
28. I live in an area where children are still "bussed" to schools to make them "equal" which is a joke...and very political..and one year your child may go to the neighborhood school and the next year..the "zones" change..and they are zipped off to a neighborhood school 40 minutes away.
29. I am passionate about education
30. I am certified to teach in the state of VA. I have taken a test that allows me to teach anywhere in the US except Texas. Texas, my friends, would require me to take several classes in Texas history.

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