Thursday, June 08, 2006

Part Three, Not soooo Original List


31. I do not think long and hard about "important things"
32. I lean toward an interior design "mode' of French Country, Modern, and Feminine.
33. My girls wear dresses pretty much every day.
34. My oldest declared this year she wants to wear headbands instead of hair-bows.
35. She still wears hair-bows.
36. We went to Paris and London last November. Did it all in 4 travel days.
37. I got to write it off as a business expense.
38. I started to sew pinch-pleat drapes for my bedroom nearly 4 years ago. They are still not done.
40. I recently changed the kitchen paint from red to "Nantucket Fog" ..aka blueish grey.
41. I like clean carpet. And hate dust.
42. I went to Switzerland for my honeymoon.
43. My husband surprised me with my honeymoon. I did not know where we were going until after the ceremony. He packed my bags entirely.
44. I knew I would marry my husband a month after I met him. We dated for a year. We were engaged for sixth months.
45. I am 33.


Katherine said...


I am considering painting a red kitchen with Nantucket Fog. Do you like it?


jennifer m. said...

love it!

clipper829 said...

Oh! I was the same with my husband. I knew we'd be married shortly after we met. We got engaged a year to the date of our 1st date, and were married exactly 5 months later.