Monday, June 12, 2006

List continues..with a "slight" baby theme

I have to say..I can not come up with 100 things..and now that it has taken me week to come up with 60..I think I will call it quits after this installment.

46. I need coffee in the morning.
47. We have had two babies added to the family this year. My brother had his second (a boy) this Spring. My sister had her second (a girl) about 7 or 8 weeks ago.
48. My other sister in law...(my husband's brother's wife) will have her first (a girl) in August.
49. None of these births have compelled me to add to our family's size.
50. The real truth about marriage and babies is never shared with the "girl" about to take the plunge into these phases of her life.
51. I gave a baby shower for my sister-in-law yesterday. So today I have "babies on the brain"
52. I wish I could take her face and calmly explain that HER life in many ways is "over". Maybe it is more fair to say life changes. But the new mom's identity changes. I do not think it is the same for men. I know LOTS of men who play golf all day on Saturday and sometimes even Sunday while the wife stays home and hangs with the kids. Can not say the reverse is true.
53. I love my children with my whole heart...but after one gives truly is a journey to "find yourself" again.
54. I did not suffer from post par-dome after the births of my children. I was sleep deprived.
55. One of the sweetest things is a new baby's face. I feel like I could have enjoyed it more..had I been prepared for the reality of being a Mom. With my second child, I did.
56. Being a Mom there is no doubt some "down time" in the begining..but it is sooooo out weighed by the 24/7 call of duty.
57. My brother, who has seen war, flew missions, has experienced all sorts of "extreme" one of those "hands on" dads. He called me shortly after the birth of their first son..(I had two under two at that point) and told me that this..this being a new parent.. was the hardest and most mentally exhausting thing he has ever been through.
59. Just like marriage is not about the wedding day..being a parent is not about the baby shower.
60. Why don't women talk about this. I wish they did.

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