Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Business Plan

I maybe working backwards.. in fact I know I am. But when I originally started my company, it happened on a whim. I have had to "after the fact" hire a lawyer, and accountant, a book keeper...and now I really need to sit down and do the following:

1. Write a business plan. My personality is really not to plan anything. I cut my hair in college on a whim..I got my tattoos on a whim. It would only be natural that I started my company on a whim. I need to change this.

2. I need to get an official "press kit" together. I have PR..but I do not pay them to do "jobs" I can really do.

3. I need a rep package put together.

4. I need to log my inventory...update it.

I am tired just thinking about these tasks. Right now I have 4 resumes I am looking at for reps across the country..and this is funny to me. I am just being honest..it is funny. But I tell you..I am really looking for people that already have connections..already rep other products..etc.. What people do not understand when they contact me..is that I "invest" in every rep decision I make. I send product at my cost..print material at my cost..I ship it all at my cost, I pay for events..and then when they do not "perform"..well it was time and money wasted. I have people who say they are interested..we go through several conversations..send material..then they literally sit on the product. I can tell you I have had at least five women rip me off...I have had to write official complaints..as they went through the interview process..background checks..and they do it all for "free product"..then they vanish. Isn't that so STUPID..like who has this kind of time?

When you talk with people in the industry it is the same story. I have one friend who is paying for one of her reps to travel the country state to state.. door to door... talk about expense..but she feels like this rep performs..and she wants to kind of take a "retro" turn in her sales approach..ditch the trade shows which really is another topic call together..and meet the buyers on their home turf.

Ok..got to run.


miss priss said...

Have you considered a direct selling type business? This way people that are interested in your product must make some investment of their own to get the product. I don't think you should pay for reps to do a show. If it's their business they need to do some hustling and invest some money. I'm not affiliated with them but check out www.bspurses.com. This seems like a good way to grow a business and get it across the country.

jennifer m. said...

yes..we do some direct sales...and I know of B's purses...a friend of mine represents them in the way you are speaking of. I know they charge their "reps" for their "sales" package..something we do here..in the way that the cost is taken off as the first sales start coming in..I need to change that...b/c this is getting too big not to.

B's..they were helped out tremendously by having Trista be their front person..

I am too nice about the events..I know..haha..I need to stop that.