Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sneak a Peak...by the way of a contest..

So I wanted to learn how to post a photo b/c well..blogs look better with photos..so my dear friend just talked me through it on the telephone..yippie..

So..in honor of my new level of "blogger/firefox"..I thought I would share with all who are interested in one of the new belts that will be offered for Fall..online mid July.

It is a vintage leather brown strap with a monogramed blue and brown toile buckle. I'm adding leather..and for those of you who have read this blog in the past..know my journey to get to this point..It will retail for $66.00 plus $8 for monogramming option..which I think is great..b/c well..I am way under many snooty leather people's belts..and I just think this is a new concept never seen out there..

I know have to come up with a "Collection" name..and would like any input..reasonable input..and if I choose your "name" you will get a free belt just like the one pictured.

Fire away creative souls.

Later taters.


Lisagh said...

LOVE this one... so original and remains true to your style. Amazing.

jennifer m. said...

thanks a bunch Lisagh!!!..

STL Sarah said...

This belt is gorgeous!! I am thinking some kind of "Preppy Rodeo" thing for the name, since it has a western look to it. Hmm, I will have to think some more.