Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Big Plans

So..I have been wanting to venture into other things as far as my business is concerned. Some of my thoughts have been..

Luggage. (Weekender, Organizer, Cosmetic Case)

Sun Hats. This has to happen even if no one buys them. I just love them. I am and will always be a "hat girl". So..we are working up samples on this and the luggage as we speak.

Clutches. I have a great idea for something here..and if I can get my ducks in a row..it will be rolling by the Fall..maybe the Spring of next year.

I have also has a lot of suggestions for head bands and dog leashes..so we will see..

I can not wait to debut my Fall line..I think it will be good...especially one collection in general. Think cool weather..(I know that is hard..seeing how the Spring is now here..and the Summer is around the bend...


Went looking for some beads at a local bead shop today with the girls. First mistake was..bringing the girls..oh my word..not a good time. I need to make a few necklaces for the Summer..but gosh..unless you buy wholesale ...prices are threw the roof on these things..like lobster claws..good greif..they wanted $2.00 for a tiny piece of metal..so I am on the hunt for these..I am also trying to find some beads so that I can decorate some zipper pulls on my "Weekender"...I actually say I am in develpoment on this..but it is more like a production reality..as my rep in MI sold 80 of them to an account based on a sketch I did...now that is talent on her end..it is for a "Breast Cancer" luncheon..they will be gifts to all the ladies who attend...


So I took the girls to the pool this afternoon at 4 pm..they got their wiggles out..and we rolled home about 6:30...but all in a day I guess...they experienced some "quiet time" too this afternoon after their silly behavior in the bead store.


InStyle..the only thing I can say about this..is "oh my word!!!!". I want more InStyle coverage..b/c this magazine produces results on the sales end of things. I am super excited about this..and hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Which is a conversation I have with my husband from time to time. I already think "it is worth it"...but he wants to see the numbers..if you know what I mean. Numbers shut up all the nay-sayers..not that he is one..but man..nothing like order after order to shut someone..anyone up...it was the slight boost I needed..it is like..your stores know you..your sweet blog friends know you..your family has to buy from you..but the "public" who just heard about you this week..and the fact that they have responded..really has lifted my spirits..it has been a hard few months with a huge delinquent account that I have had to deal with.. I needed some "good stuff" ..I really did.

Ok..so I have rambled..and then what is new. Night everyone..bedtime for the kiddos is rapidly approaching... a glimmer of hope just happened..as my babysitter just called.. she is coming over on Thursday at 9 am..to give me ..a break..a chance..some breathing room.. some time.. All is well when the babysitter can entertain your children for a few hours.



thepreppyprincess said...

Saw your belt in InStyle...looks fabulous!!! MUST get one or two or three.

STL Sarah said...

Can't wait to see your luggage and clutches! And I would buy a sun hat. Sun worshipping is very out right now, in my opinion!