Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Plans

My husband has to work today. Yuck. But here are the "big" plans:

1. Go to Target and buy the girls new swim suits, goggles, floats, and towels. This is a tradition of ours...if we are home on Memorial Day..which we ususally are. And where else can you stock up on cheap pool supplies?

2. Do a tiny bit of dreaded housework.

3. Go to the neighborhood cookout and party at the pool. Live music, food..all of for the kids.

4. Hubby will be coming home around dinner...and he is going to grill out for us..(me and him) for a late dinner "date" on the back porch.

Well..that's it..hope you and yours have a great day..the weather here is supposed to be near 90* it should be perfect for the pool.

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