Saturday, June 24, 2006

Summer Plans

Everyone's got them. Lots of my friends have already come and gone to the of my best friends has shoved off in her suburban up is going away to Charleston in a few days...

We always go to Maine...and it is always in August. We pack the kids in the car. Fill the car carrier with all our tent supplies. And hit the road right around bed time for our girls. They watch a couple of movies..and then pretty much sleep the whole we drive through the night. It takes us roughly 15 hours or so depending on morning traffic. Yes, we camp. My oldest was a year when we started..and my youngest was just around 5 mos. old. They now have memories of it..and are excited about it all year.

This year we are adding a week..or almost a week of vacation to our schedule and are going to the beach with my husband's family...around the fourth of July. I am excited for some down oldest will turn 6 the week we get you can imagine her excitement.

Today's plans: Not much. Laundry, lunch with Great Grandparents... and maybe the pool.

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